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Eating Disorders

Are you or someone you love experiencing issues with food? Restricting your food intake? Eating to comfort yourself or deal with emotions and stress? Eating a lot of food in a small amount of time? Do you spend a lot of time planning and thinking where, what, and when to eat next, and being overly concerned about weight and body shape? There is help because eating disorders are treatable.

Eating disorders like anorexia, bulimia, and binge eating disorder are caused by a variety of psychological, biological, interpersonal, and social factors. There is no one cause of eating disorders, many factors come together to create the conditions necessary for eating disorders to exist. Disordered eating can start with anxiety and/or depression and develop into ways to self-soothe. Eating disorders can stem from low self-esteem, self-concept, or poor interpersonal relationships.

The purpose of counseling is to determine the underlying dynamics that create and maintain the eating disorder. Individual therapy is then geared to address behavior change and, by working together, to overcome and shift the dynamics that created the eating disorder. As your therapist, we would work together to make lasting change.

Beth takes a team approach, when appropriate, to working with clients with eating disorders. This often means referring clients to group therapy, family therapy, and/or medical professionals.

For more information about eating disorder support, please visit Eating Disorders Resource Center.

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